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Construction Of Railways

Construction of Railways

Integra Construction KZ Company provides the following types of services in the field of construction of main and siding railway tracks.
  • Track panel assembly (all types of fittings) on our own string assembly shops;
  • Cutting of shoulder and levelling of subgrade with usage of a motor-driven grader and bulldozers;
  • Cleaning out of fouled ballast;
  • Track panel laying (according to a detailed design);
  • Laying of new crushed-stone ballast on track (track ballasting) according to a detailed design with usage of our own hopper cars;
  • Track alignment with usage of hydraulic and lever-type devices;
  • Track lifting and putting on crushed-stone ballast with usage of our own ELB-3 electric ballasting machine, primarily tamped and aligned by VPO-3000 machine, and manually in places with obstructions and engineering structures, and further works are made by DGS complex, Duomatic, PBR ballasting machine;
  • Finishing works;
  • Laying of crossing deck;
  • Ditches cleaning out;
  • Painting and installation of track signs;
  • Equalizing of ballast section with intertrack space levelling;
  • Installation of pedestals of wooden sleepers for kilometer-based provisional rails, picket and kilometer signs;
  • Assembly and laying of turnouts (according to detailed design);
  • Geonet laying.

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