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We are building for
the good of society!



Basis of successful activity of Integra Construction KZ are corporate values and standards aimed at providing trust and respect to the business community, partners, representatives of state authorities and all on whom the success and prosperity of our Partnership depends. Corporate values and mission cause employees to feel pride and striving to achieve the best results in their work.

Brand mission – We construct for the sake of society.

Brand slogan - Сенімділік үлесі. Вклад надежности. The contribution of reliability.

Brand values – Professionalism. Team work. Reliability.

Logo - is a design mark used for increasing awareness and recognizability in society and business environment. In our logo an emphasis is placed on integration of the first letter of the company name of Integra Construction KZ – “I” and a digit “1” as a sign of precedence in all endeavors.

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