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The laying is complete!
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The laying is complete!

On the night of October 7, the Integra Construction KZ team 100% completed the 2022 volume of track laying. In the overall standings, the company's branches have improved 272.6 km of railways

  • 63.9 km - by the team of the Northern Directorate
  • 81.8 km - by the team of the Southern Directorate
  • 126.9 km - by the team of the Western Directorate.

The final technological "window" took place along the line of the Western Directorate on the section "Kulsary - Shokpartogai", "Razdezd469 - Razdezd470" for the Atyrau branch of the road.

Congratulations to all branches of the company on the completion of the installation work. Keep it up !

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